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Volpi AG produces a wide range of illumination and optical products, including cold light sources, fibre optic systems and LED illumination solutions for technical or medical endoscopy, fibre optic image guides and other optical instruments.

Based in Zurich, Volpi AG was founded in 1953, their light sources and optical components are developed in-house and are manufactured with well-known Swiss precision. By running its own glass fibre manufacturing plant in the USA, Volpi has complete control over the production technology from beginning to end, allowing the product quality to be constantly monitored while at the same time permitting easy development of custom solutions.

Volpi IntraLED 3 - LED light source for Machine Vision applications
  • LED light source for fibre-optic light guides
  • Long service life up to 50.000h
  • Low power consumption
Volpi CIS Dome - Non-reflecting LED Dome lighting
  • Reflection-free illumination on uneven or specular reflective surfaces
  • Combines coaxial lighting with traditional dome illumination
  • Available with white, red and IR
Volpi LEDRing - Focusable LED ring light
  • White, daylight-like light at approximately 5,500K
  • Adjustable light intensity
  • Optionally also available in the light colours red, orange, yellow, green and blue

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Volpi IntraLED 3: New High-Power LED Light Source


Volpi introduces the economical and compact lighting system IntraLED 3 which stands out due to its long service life and its excellent light intensity.

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