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hema electronic GmbH

Based in Aalen since 1978, hema electronic GmbH offers a wide range of components and systems for industrial image processing. One important aspect of their product range includes LED illumination technology.

LED line lights and front illumination panels from Hema feature extremely high light output, thanks to state-of-the-art, highly efficient high-power LEDs. Ideal, custom lighting profiles can either be specified via an integrated electronic control unit featuring an RS232 Interface or they can be programmed as fixed settings. A robust housing and the well-known benefits of LEDs - long lifetime and high efficiency coupled with low power consumption - mean that these illumination units remain virtually maintenance-free even in demanding industrial environments.

OLED lighting almost ready for the market


OLEDs arrived some time ago in the latest generation of TV monitors and especially in smartphones and tablet PCs. Now the first OLED-based lighting products are available for industrial imaging.

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