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Phrontier Phly - Mini CameraLink Repeater

  • Mini CameraLink Repeater
  • Regenerates signals for CameraLink cameras and frame grabbers to double link distance
  • Duplicates CameraLink cable length for all base, medium and full configurations up to 85 MHz
  • Mini CameraLink connector in a slim yet robust metal case
  • Transmits high speed data with flexible PoCL configurations
  • Easy and simple future upgrading as your system requirements change
  • For space saving and cost sensitive applications


  • Available for various CameraLink modes:

    • Base, 24 Bit
    • Full/medium/base, 10 x 8 Bit
  • Please choose the most appropriate option from below adding the end of Phly’s part number

    • Phly-B/Phly-F: Standard with PoCL pass-through and PoCL sharing function
    • Phly-BE/Phly-FE: PoCL-enabled function for PoCL framegrabber and non-PoCL camera
    • Phly-BP/Phly-FP: supply power to camera with non-PoCL framegrabber


  • Fully supports CameraLink cameras and framegrabbers up to 85 MHz pixel clock
  • Plug-and-Play, no programming required
  • PoCL pass-through function allows PoCL compatible cameras to withdraw power from frame grabbers while PHLY power is supplied by its own DC input
  • PoCL sharing function allows PoCL compatible cameras and PHLY to share power from frame grabbers
  • PoCL enable function allows PHLY to withdraw power from frame grabber while camera is not PoCL compatible
  • Optional power supply to camera when frame grabber does not have PoCL function
  • Modules can be cascaded to increase link distance and share the same power source
  • Single 5 VDC to 24 VDC power supply

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Repeater for Mini CameraLink for double the link distance

  • For CameraLink Base (24 bit)
  • Supports CameraLink cameras / frame grabbers up ...


Repeater for Mini CameraLink for double the link distance

  • For CameraLink Base, Medium, Full and Ex-Full (10 x 8 bit ...


Power supply for PHLY-Fx

  • Y-split cable assembly with dual micro-USB plugs


Power supply for PHLY-Bx or PHIRE

  • Single micro-USB plug
  • Dimensions 73 x 36 x 46 (L x W x H)


Upgrade module for use with PHLY-B to PHLY-Fx

  • Supports FULL configuration
  • Standard with PoCL pass through and PoCL sharing

Please ...


Mounting flange kit for Mini CameraLink Repeater

  • 2 pieces