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AVT: More than 20 new cameras for Machine Vision

31 Oct 2012

Allied Vision Technologies will present more than 20 new camera models at the VISION show 2012, including the new Mako series with GigE Vision and USB3 Vision interface.

The highlight of this year’s VISION show is the new Mako camera family that will be celebrating its world premiere in Stuttgart. This small industrial camera features a GigE Vision interface and Power over Ethernet. Mako will be AVT’s first camera with two digital interfaces: alongside GigE Vision, this new model will also be available with a USB3 Vision interface. Following AVT active participation in the definition of this standard for the machine vision industry, the company now presents its first USB3 Vision camera model.

The Manta camera series is expanding with six new models in the upper resolution range. Worth particular notice are the Manta G-282 and Manta G-917, the first industrial cameras with the new Sony ICX687 (2.8 megapixels) and ICX814 (9.2 megapixels) multi-tap sensors. Along with the new high-resolution Sony CCD models, AVT is also presenting two new models with CMOS sensors from CMOSIS: the Manta G-223 (CMV2000 sensor with 2.2 megapixels) and Manta G-419 (CMV4000 with 4.2 megapixels).

The Prosilica GT family is getting both of the popular CMOSIS sensors with 2 and 4 megapixel resolution as well. Moreover, AVT is expanding the Prosilica GT family with four new models with high-resolution CCD sensors. With large- format sensors from Truesense, both the Prosilica GT4905 with 16 megapixels in APS-H sensor format, as well as the GT4907 and GT6600 with 16 and 29 megapixels respectively in 35 mm sensor format, will be shown. The family will be completed with Sony’s new 9.2 MP sensor in the Prosilica GT3400.

Allied Vision

Stadtroda, Germany

For 25 years, Allied Vision has been helping people to be faster, more precise, and more efficient in whatever matters to them. From raising production standards to detect diseases faster, proving scientific theories true, monitoring traffic intelligently or simply knowing who crossed the finish line first – with their technology and expertise, Allied Vision helps customers to gain insight by seeing more and hence be more successful in what they do.

Allied Vision Manta - Progressive scan cameras with Gigabit Ethernet interface
  • Digital cameras with CCD or CMOS sensors
  • Monochrome or colour models available
  • Resolutions from 0.3 Megapixel (VGA) up to 12 Megapixel
  • Gigabit Ethernet interface
Allied Vision Prosilica GT - GigE Vision camera for extreme environments
  • Designed for Outdoor Imaging and ITS in extreme temperatures
  • Geared up with a rugged, thermally engineered housing and motorized lens control
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • High sensitivity and high speed