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Award for VRmagic AreaScan3D

24 Aug 2011

VRmagic‘s 3D camera AreaScan3D has been chosen as the Trend100 product of the year 2010/2011 by the editors of the SPS magazine.

This award is given to 100 new products introduced in the magazine, chosen by SPS due to outstanding innovation or usability, representing a current trend in a particular way or even setting the trend. Congratulations to our partners in Mannheim!


Mannheim, Germany

The German camera manufacturer VRmagic Imaging offers a broad product portfolio of machine vision components ranging from ready-to-use industrial cameras to individually configurable OEM designs.

VRmagic AreaScan3D - Optical 3D-Sensor
  • Optical 3D-Sensor based on digital fringe projection
  • Data output as 3D point cloud, gray-scale coded area map or 2D image
  • Measuring field sizes from few square millimetres to one square meter available on request
  • GenICam TL compliant